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Links from all of your feeds are weighted by frequency and disposition of the linking feed, then ordered by temperature using the normal body temperature of 98.6° as a base.
Kindling is a supergroup containing all of your non-Spark feeds. These are your must-reads.
Unlike other items which are automatically deleted after ten weeks saved items are never deleted (until you unsubscribe from the item's feed). See the Sharing tab in Preference to publish an RSS feed of your saved items.
Sparks are inessential feeds that increase the temperature of links in the Hot view. Their unread items will never appear in the Kindling supergroup or in any of your custom groups. Link blogs and sites that frequently repost content are excellent candidates for Sparks.
In order to prevent bandwidth abuse, some sites prevent others from linking directly to their images by returning either a 403 Forbidden error or alternate image. Fever can route around this problem when necessary.
All items in this group
Just a steady stream of items from all feeds in this group.
Selecting multiple items
Hold control to select/deselect multiple non-contiguous items. Hold shift to select a contiguous group of items. Don't forget you can also drag and drop feeds to add and remove them from groups and Sparks.
Authentication (optional)
Some feeds require a username and password to access their content. If required but not provided Fever will prompt when refreshing the feed.
Feed title (optional)
If left blank the title provided by the feed will be used.
Some feeds link directly to the page the author is commenting on. If excerpted you might miss out on their commentary.
Service url
Most social media and bookmarking services provide a url for adding new items. Use the following tokens to modify that url. Each token will be replaced with the appropriate encoded value before redirecting: %t with title, %u with url, and %e with excerpt. Prefix the url with # to notify the service in the background.
Saved items feed
When enabled this feed is discoverable from your Fever login screen.
Item Expiration
By default Fever deletes unsaved items older than 10 weeks. Reduce this timeframe to further limit Fever's database usage but remember, the less data Fever has, the less effective older Hot timeframes will be.
Database Server
The name of the server that hosts your database. This is typically localhost but will vary from host to host. If you are unsure, try the default first. If Fever cannot connect please check with your host or their documentation.
Database Name
The name of the database Fever will be connecting to. This database must already exist. Please see your host's documentation for questions about creating a database or regarding the name of your database.
Database Username
The username to use when connecting to your database.
Database Password
The password to use when connecting to your database.
Database Table Prefix
The names of all database tables created by Fever will be prefixed with this value to avoid conflicts with existing tables.
The email address you will use when logging into this Fever installation. Completely independent of your Fever Account Center email address.
The password you will use when logging into this Fever installation. Completely independent of your Fever Account Center password.
Temperature Scale
Fever assigns a temperature to reoccurring or "hot" links found in your feeds. Pick the more familiar scale.